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Question 4 - What's the throughput? Examples • typical process time • start-up time 5 - Can you tell me about • tank size sizing, dimensions? • overall dimensions 6 - How much does it cost? • Base price • fully "loaded" • installation • training/education • maintenance Follow up • refine estimates to reflect your manufacturing reality • consider "bumps" in production requirements • allow room for production growth • are the tanks large enough? • could a few larger parts be cleaned separately • will the equipment fit through the door? • are the ceilings high enough? • is there room for operators to move around the equipment? • is there room for convenient maintenance and repair? • which equipment upgrades do you actually need? • what facilities changes will be needed (eg. water, power)? • what are the ongoing process costs? • what are the energy costs? • what treatment and waste disposal costs are involved? • are there permitting costs? • will the equipment manufacturer train the staff? Does it cost extra? • how much do replacement parts costs? What's the lead time to get replacement parts? Table 1. Six Questions to Ask Vendors about Cleaning Equipment (continued) Step Wash (or clean) 104 Functions Remove soils from the part Keep soils away from the part Protect product surfaces Minimize product damage

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