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PLATINUM CLAD NIOBIUM ANODES EXPANDED MESH AND SOLID STRIP PLATINUM CLAD TITANIUM ROD Manufacturers of Platinum Clad Niobium Anodes Manufacturer of Clad Metal Composites • Precious and/or Base Metal Components • One and Two Sided Overlays • Precious or Base Metal Inlays to Reduce Cost and Provide Greater Design Flexibility • Rolling, Annealing, Slitting and Leveling Capabilities • Automotive Applications • Jewelry and Gold Filled Clads • Toll Working • Smooth, Uniform, Non-Porous Layer of Platinum Metallurgically Bonded to Niobium Substrate • Platinum Thickness of 125u" or 250u" On One or Both Sides • Expanded Mesh (2:1 ratio) or Solid Strip Available • Superior Current Distribution • Superior Performance in High Speed and High Current Density Applications • Cost Effective • Optimum Life VINCENT METALS CORPORATION 33 Plan Way, Unit 3C Warwick, RI 02886 Tel: (401) 737-2291 Fax: (401) 737-4536

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