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Table IV. Properties of Zinc Baths Acid Chloride Ductility1 at higher thicknesses Bath efficiencies Star-dusting 1 (>0.5 mil) 95-97% Yes2 Alkaline NonCyanide Zinc LC HC 1 Cyanide Zinc MCN LCN 3–4 4 HCN 4 4 70-75% 70-95% 65-70% 70-75% No 2–3 No 5 No 4–55 No 4–55 75-70% No Plate distribution3 14 4–55 Commercial plating thickness 5 2 4 2 2–3 3–4 requirements HC, high chloride; LC, low chloride; LCN, low cyanide; MCN, mid cyanide; HCN, high cyanide. 1 Ductility is the ability of a materiality to be bent, molded, or formed without cracking, peeling, and/or chipping. 2 Newer chloride zinc systems are available which minimize or eliminate star-dusting. 3 Distribution or throwing power is the ratio of the amount of zinc deposited in the high current density to the amount of zinc deposited in the low current density. 4 Newer systems are available in barrel applications that exhibit distribution properties equal to or better than that of Low Chemistry Alkaline Non-Cyanide Zinc plating. 5 The plate distribution improves as the cyanide to zinc ratio increases. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS Operational requirements for the three types of baths are presented in Table III. Table IV gives a comparison of deposit properties. Troubleshooting is addressed in Table V. BRASS ■ COPPER ■ BRONZE ■ ■ ■ OVAL F L AT ■ ■ Our PLATING ANODES Will Make You Look Good ■ T I N ■ S O L D E R Belmont's renowned customer service saves you time and money. ■ V I S I T L E A D CADMIUM ■ NICKEL ■ ZINC ■ ■ Tel. (718) 342-4900 ■ FAX: (718) 342-0175 ■ F L AT T O P Leatherwood Plastics 1426 Crescent Ave, Lewisville, TX 75057 Ph: 972.221.7656. Fax: 972.436.5735 Add value to your plating anodes purchase with the highest quality, most cost-effective product. We offer a large inventory of metals and shapes. ■ Panel mounted or remote controls Convenient access for plumbing Automatic fill / drain operation Adjustable or fixed exhaust Full line of plating equipment Systems are available in manual or Auto-mated configurations SPECIAL SHAPES • • • • • • ■ SYSTEMS CAN BE FURNISHED WITH: B A L L ■ ROLLED C A S T Plating Process Equipment ■ 327

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