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Group II Plating Solutions For Alloys *Metal Matrix Deposit Brass Nickel-Tungsten Babbitt Navy Grade 2 Tin-Antimony Bronze Tin-Zinc *Cobalt Chromium Carbide Tin-Indium Cobalt-Tungsten Tin-Lead-Nickel Nickel-Cobalt Zinc-Nickel (LHE) Nickel Phosphorous Group III Special Purpose Solutions and Gels* Anodizing (chromic*) Trivalent Chromium Conversion Anodizing (sulfuric) Electropolishing Anodizing (hard coat) Cadmium Alternatives Anodizing (phosphoric*) Black Optical Anodizing (boric-sulfuric*) article, other portable processes such as selective anodizing and selective electropolishing are widely used in industry as well. Selective plating is a viable alternative to tank plating and to other processes such as thermal sprays when deposit thicknesses of less than 0.035สบ are required. It is a process that lets you apply a wide range of localized deposits and coatings either in the shop or out in the field with very accurate thickness control. Selective plating is a flexible and reliable process for OEM and repair applications. 391

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