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ELECTROPLATING CHEMICALS INNOVATION & SERVICE IT'S THAT SIMPLE. IT'S ALDOA. Novalyte Additives Non-cyanide zinc, cadmium, copper and brass. Zinc alloys: acid & alkaline zinc nickel, acid & alkaline zinc cobalt, zinc iron and tin zinc. Aldolyte Brighteners Semi-bright and bright nickel, cyanide zinc and cadmium. AMMONIA-FREE, HIGH-NICKEL, ACID ZINC-NICKEL PROCESS, OUR LATEST INNOVATION... ...Novalyte HNZN is a highly versatile process for either Sodium or Potassium Chloride based electrolytes that deposit bright, ductile, highnickel (10-17%) Zinc-Nickel deposits using a single rectifier. Look at all the advantages. s !MMONIA FREE PROCESS s -EETS AUTOMOTIVE FASTENER high-nickel specs s )NDUSTRY LEADING MINIMUM plating efficiency s ,OW SALT CONCENTRATION s %LECTROLYTE STAYS CLEAR AT AMBIENT temperatures Aldac Compounds Acid and alkaline cleaners, inhibitors and specialty products. s #AN BE USED IN A MIXED SALT BATH Aldokote Coatings A complete line of conversion coatings, trivalent chrome, hexachrome and chrome-free. s 5SE IN EITHER BARREL OR RACK APPLICATIONS Aldophos Compounds Zinc, iron, manganese and calcium modified zinc phosphatizing processes. Aquation Treatment compounds for process and waste water. s )DEAL FOR HIGH SPEED PLATING s 3IMPLE ECONOMICAL SYSTEM s 7EAK NICKEL COMPLEXOR AVOIDS wastewater problems s 2EDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS Aldoa can help you quickly get plating on parts using a combination of published data, molecular behavior and functional trial and error methods that maximize the life of PLATING BATHS 7E HAVE SUPPORTED THE PLATING INDUSTRY SINCE WITH INNOVATIONS AND responsive service. Custom Blending Custom blending services to your formulations are available. ISO 9001:2008 12727 WestwoodÊ U Detroit, Michigan 48223 (313) 273-5705 Ê U FAX (313) 273-0310 ÜÜÜ°> ` >V °V ÊUÊ >\ÊvJ>`>V°V

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