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es the part susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement; consumes comparatively low amounts of energy; can be used to deposit a wide variety of metals in a broad range of coating thicknesses; does not use toxic chemicals; simplifies waste treatment; does not require baking of parts after plating in most cases; and provides greater uniformity and control of coatings when used for galvanizing. HYDROGEN EMBRITTLEMENT AND MECHANICAL PLATING A significant concern in electroplating and other metal-finishing processes is the embrittling effects of hydrogen absorbed by the part. The critical need to prevent hydrogen embrittlement was one of the major reasons for the creation and successful use of mechanical plating. The electric current used in electroplating, for example, acts to increase the potential of this condition because the process generates hydrogen at the cathode and because the negative charge acts to pull hydrogen into the part. Hydrogen embrittlement can cause unexpected development of cracks or weak regions in highly stressed areas, with subsequent total failure of the part or assembly. The risk increases for items that have elevated hardness from heat treating or cold working, especially parts made of high-carbon steels. In electroplating and other metalfinishing operations, a major source of hydrogen gas is the reaction between acids and metals present in the plating solution. The hydrogen transfers through the metal part substrate and concentrates at high stress points and grain boundaries. The trapped hydrogen generates internal pressures that can reduce the tolerance to stresses applied in actual use. Hazardous failures in critical applications can result. The mechanical process plates metals while eliminating or at least great- Plating Systems & Technologies, Inc., the largest manufacturer and supplier in North America, offers the most complete line of chemicals for: Mechanical Plating and Mechanical Galvanizing We are the worldwide technological leader for the Hydrogen Embrittlement-Free Coatings of Mechanical Plating and Mechanical Galvanizing. While providing the most up-to-date Products for our industry, we also have the best prices, most experienced technical support staff, fastest shipping and are ISO 9001-2008 Certified. 317 N. Mechanic Street, Jackson, MI 49201 Phone: (517) 783-4776 ƒ Facsimile: (517) 783-5875 E-mail: M PS&T's HyperguardTM 326TM Trivalent Passivate is RoHS Compliant, can be made into a Cobalt-Free Version while maintaining superior Salt Spray Results and is available in multiple colors (Yellow, Blue and Red – to name a few) as a single-dip Colored Trivalent Passivate. Are you looking for equipment? PS&T is the largest supplier of Used Equipment for the Mechanical Plating and Galvanizing Industry. We have Systems available starting at 1.5 cubic feet and going up to 40 cubic feet. Should you be in the market for a used system or component, give us a try, we might have exactly what you need. If you would like New Equipment, need parts for an existing system or want to have a barrel re-lined with the best, longest-lasting urethane lining in the industry, try: 6:2YHUORRN/DQH :DXNHVKD:, 9RLFHRU )DFVLPLOHRU (PDLOVDOHV#G\QV\VQHW ZZZG\QV\VQHW 393

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