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Emphasis must be placed on waste minimization as the first step in reducing waste treatment. Examples include ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and electrowinning or electrolytic recovery, which electroplates the spent bath into nickel or copper metal onto special cathodes helping to reduce the amount of sulfide or hydroxide hazardous sludge eventually created. The resultant plated metal produced can be reclaimed as scrap metal. Other waste minimization methods include using steel wool to plate out the electroless bath prior to further waste treatment. Finding the right finisher just got easier... ...with Metal Finishing's online Finishers Directory! This interactive Web-based tool is available at Helps manufacturers, suppliers, and OEMs seek out surface finishers according to specialty (anodizing, blackening, conversion coating, and electrocoating, etc.); region of the country; or simply by company name. Search results provide pertinent background information on each finisher, with direct links to websites and contacts, pdf brochures, and even videos and demos, in some cases. Visit today to begin your search for the right finisher! Anodizing Electrocoating Powder Coating Precious Metals Plating Phosphating Physical Vapor Deposition Pretreatment Automotive Aerospace Electronics Military 410

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