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A: A fluoride pickle is always recommended before soldering an EN coating. However, an RMA (rosin mildly active) flux will allow you to solder to any phosphorus type EN. Fresher plated EN is also preferred, if given the choice, to reduce oxidation of the nickel surface. Q: I have a question about mid-phosphate electroless nickel: How many hours (salt spray test) are required to pass with 15 micron thickness? We are plating over aluminum 6061, and we require 48 hrs of salt spray test to pass. Note: Any white spots on the component will be rejected after salt spray test. A: The standard for most mid-phos electroless nickel is 100hr salt spray protection with 1mil of thickness. Over 6061 aluminum, you should not see any white spots after testing. Note: not all electroless nickels are created equal. Please contact me if you need information on a product that is guaranteed pass your 48 hour test (standard for the aerospace connector industry). ABOUT THE AUTHOR James "Jim" Wetherald serves as a technical sales representative for the Electroless Nickel Division of Ronatec, C2C, Inc., based in Carlsbad, Calif. He works closely with direct customers and distributors addressing issues with a "hands-on" approach. Jim graduated from San Diego State University with degrees in Integrated Financial Systems and Applied Mathematics, and has studied chemical engineering and JIT systems management. Ronatec works with facilities across the United States, Mexico, Canada, China, Brazil, Thailand, and Ireland. Ronatec operates warehousing facilities in eight convenient locations, providing shipping on a same-day basis. For more information, please call (760) 451-9081 or visit 567

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