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Having a separate strike tank takes the brunt of the contamination, and it acts as the "canary in the coal mine," showing the effect of contaminants before they end up contaminating your larger plating tanks. They are much easier and less expensive to treat or replace due to their size. Regarding green initiatives, the most readily adopted green initiatives are those that save money or are revenue neutral, but sometimes all costs are not fully considered when making these types of decisions.  When making a case for a green initiative, it is important to include all of the costs associated with both scenarios. This should include, at aminimum: employee training, health care costs, insurance costs, rejection rates, productivity impact, chemical total cost, waste treatment cost, hazardous waste cost, incoming chemical shipping cost, and outgoing waste shipping cost. Some form of risk assessment can also be factored in, but calculating a cost for this is more nebulous, although peace of mind does have a value for many people. If you can cast a wide net with these cost factors, it is usually much easier to make the math of the "green" decision more palatable. For more information, please visit 577

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