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685 Summarize the petition Certification Signature by Plant Manager per requirements at 40 CFR 260.22 Facility level information – e.g., location, contact information, waste identification, and requested action to delist a certain number of cubic yards of waste Basis for waste listing, historical waste handling procedures, and waste generation rates Overview of manufacturing operations, overview of pertinent systems, and overview of wastewater treatment plant systems Review of MSDSs Procedures for sampling the waste and exceptions Methods used to analyze waste samples Statistical analysis of results and input of results into the DRAS model. Results are summarized and a PASS or FAIL decision is made. Conclusions and Recommendations Include any significant correspondence, chemical reviews, data validation reports, and validated data results. Executive Summary Certification Statement Administrative Information Waste and Waste Management Historical Information Facility Operation Chemical Review Waste Sampling Procedures Analytical Methods Summary and Discussion of Results Conclusions and Recommendations Appendices Table 4. Major Parts of a Hazardous Waste Delisting Petition Purpose Section

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