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who goes into a tire store and asks for the cheapest tire? It may cost you less, but it will never last as long, or perform on the same level, as a better tire. Check the present customers of the company you are considering; they can give you some insight to their capabilities. Make sure your supplier is knowledgeable of your processes and requirements. More importantly, find a company who cares about the metal finishing industry. You will know these companies through their involvement in industry-related organizations. CONCLUSION I have presented some basic thoughts on rack design that should help you in understanding the world of racks. The hidden message in all of this is: Let a professional take care of all of your racking needs. There is one more important message to consider: There is a secret to selecting the perfect rack supplier. Please feel free to contact me, and I will tell you the secret to finding the perfect supplier. You, too, can then discover the "Right Start to a Perfect Finish." For more information, e-mail Don Bauer at, call (772) 321-6448 or visit 721

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