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plating barrel design features include: a one-piece cylindrical shell; tongue-and-groove, double-welded construction; integrated, heatfused tumbling ribs; CNC drilled or slotted perforation patterns for shorter drain dwells; and knob or quick-change inside-out style loadlocker covers (Figures 7 & 8). A machine specific tab-lock design is also available for Jessup robotic cover handling systems used for fully automated bulk load/unload systems. Jessup cylindrical barrels retrofitted to your plating line can deliver 17% more production with no other machine changes compared to hex barrels. The example 60-inch-wide barrels fit an identical workspace anode. Run at 12 loads per hour (LPH), the Jessup barrel delivers 8.16 more cubic feet. At 20 hours per day, this equates to 163.2 more cubic feet. If this machine runs 240 days per year, the difference is an incredible 39,168 cubic feet more production delivered on an annual basis by installing Jessup barrels! Jessup barrels are also available with center partitions, enabling large machines to process smaller lot sizes. This feature assures optimum machine utilization and maintains critical workload separation when FINISHING EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS Finishing Equipment Systems • Hoist systems for Barrel or Rack • Batch and/or random processing capabilities • Split Rail machine, single or double file • Full customization to meet customer needs Auto Technology Company has acquired UNIFIED EQUIPMENT STSTEMS (UES) formerly UDYLITE EQUIPMENT CO. and will continue to provide replacement parts for UDYLITE automatic machines including the CYCLEMASTER, SENIOR SPLIT-RAIL and OBLIQUE BARREL machines. Auto Technology Company is the ONLY SUPPLIER able to manufacture this equipment and parts using the original prints, molds and models. Environmental Test Chambers • Cyclic Corrosion Chambers • Salt Fog & Humdity Chambers • Walk-in, Drive-in & Multi Gas test chambers Centrifugal Dryers • 75 to 800 pound capacity • Choice of 6 sizes • Heating Available for fast drying We Now Provide Contract Corrosion Testing Services Auto Technology Company 20026 Progress Drive, Strongsville, OH 44149 Ph: 1-800-433-8336 • Fax: 440-572-7820 733

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