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Fig. 1. Primary thyristor. the manufacturing cost is higher on the more efficient unit, the payback for the additional expense is relatively short. Most manufacturers will guarantee a well-designed transformer for 5 years; however, such well designed transformers will typically operate for a minimum of 15 years without problems. Rectification and Regulation The silicon diodes used in rectifiers are the simplest and most reliable rectifying devices available. Silicon, when properly treated with certain elements, allows current to flow in one direction only. When a silicon diode is hermetically sealed, it becomes completely impervious to external conditions, making it capable of withstanding the harsh environments commonly found in metal-finishing facilities. Another silicon device that is instrumental of today's rectifiers is the silicon-controlled rectifier, commonly known as a thyristor or silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR). The thyristor is basically a silicon diode that 737

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