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PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE Nothing is more important to rectifier reliability and longevity than a consistent program of preventive maintenance. The efforts expended in taking periodic care of any equipment, especially those operated in the aggressive environments typically found in metal-finishing processes, will be returned many times over. The following provides a brief outline of the minimum maintenance that should be performed every month and every 6 months. The program you implement should take into consideration the number of rectifiers, how many shifts, what type of processes, and the duty cycles of your particular operation. Monthly 1. Ensure that all doors and panels are on the rectifiers and that the area around the rectifier is free and clear of items that would hinder proper airflow or operation. 2. On air-cooled systems, wash or replace the air filters. Refrain from using inexpensive cardboard framed filters, as the thin metal facing can quickly deteriorate and be drawn into the rectifier. Also, check that the fan blades are secured to the fan motor shafts and that they run without vibration. 3. On water-cooled systems, remove and clean or replace the inlet water strainer. Check all water lines for signs of leaks or contamination accumulations. If contamination is evident, determine the source and correct if possible. 4. Check panel gaskets and repair or replace as necessary. 5. Check components such as pilot lights, switches, push buttons, etc., for proper operation and replace as required. EVERY 6 MONTHS 1. Check writing and bus connections for tightness and cleanliness. Repair as required. 2. Clean semiconductors and heat sinks. Dirty and corroded heat sinks can significantly increase the operating temperatures of the semiconductors and reduce the life of the rectifier. 752

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