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General Metal Finishing Electroless Nickel ELeVEN® – Atotech's Sustainable Electroless Nickel Processes ELeVEN® is Atotech's advanced electroless nickel product line, designed to meet and exceed the high market demands in terms of sustainable technologies. The electroless nickel processes are completely free of Pb, Cd, toxic heavy metal and volatile stabilizers. ree Pb and Cd-f Regional Headquarters Americas 1750 Overview Drive Rock Hill, SC 29730 1-800-PLATING Phone: +1-803-817-3500 ELeVEN® HP 910 is a new and unique high phosphorus electroless nickel process with 10-12% phosphorus incorporation, suitable for steel and aluminum substrate materials. It provides a smooth whitish semi-bright deposit with superior corrosion and wear resistance. The finish is pore-free and ideally suited, when high layer thickness is required. While providing compressively stressed deposit over the process life-time, this electroless nickel coating also achieves excellent ductility and passes the nitric acid test. ELeVEN® MP 600 is Atotech's new generation medium phosphorus electroless nickel process with a phosphorus content of 6-8%. The process offers easy operation, is pH selfregulated with remarkable high bath stability up to 10 MTO. ELeVEN® MP 600 is producing exceptional consistent deposit brightness and remains close to neutral stress over the whole bath life. It can be plated directly on aluminum without use of a nickel strike.

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