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Figure 6. Variation in plating reaction rates from one area of the rack to another. current control circuit for each part. The computer stores all of the programmed information, the Master Control Circuit (MCC) can measure the electrical cur- rent flowing in each individual Current Control Circuit (CCC) and send required adjustments to the CCC as needed. The plating process utilizing the Smart Rack technology has two segments. Programing the control circuit followed by the plating segment. The key steps in the program segment are: 1.Enter the base current density into the program 2.Enter the plating time 3.Enter the size of the plated surface on each part 4.Input any current density adjustments for each individual part from the base current level, as in Configuration 3 (if no changes are entered, the current density will be the same for all of the parts, as in Configuration 2). 5.Start the program, which initiates plating Here is what the control circuitry does during the plating cycle: 1.Each individual part is controlled by its own constant current circuit (CCC). During the first phase of plating, the computer sends the desired individual current density value to each individual CCC. 139

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