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234 Conditioning Step One Basis Metal Aluminum alloys Copper Alloys Iron castings Lead Alloys Nickel Stainless steels Low steel carbons High steel carbons Zinc Solution Zincate or stannate Operation Immersion Sulfuric or hydrochloric acid Immersion Sulfuric or hydrochloric acid Immersion and water rinse Immerse 10 to 15 sec 10% Fluoborate Acid nickel chloride 65% Sulfuric acid Alkaline cleaner Sodium cyanide Copper cyanide 30 A/dm2; anodic for 2 min then cathodic for 6 min. Cathodic for 2 min Anodic at 6 V for 1 to 2 min Immerse or short anodic treatment Cathodic strike Acid nickel chloride 10% Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid plus sodium sulfate solution Cyanide copper Cathoidc for 2 min at 16 A/dm2 Immerse for 5 to 15 sec Anodic at 10 to 40 A/dm2 Cathodic This table only gives the final conditioning steps. These steps are preceded by other critical steps. For complete details see the section on Chemical Surface Preparation in this Guidebook and the Annual Book of ASTM Standards, volume 02.05 published by American Society for Test and Materials, Philadelphia. Details are given in other handbooks including Inco Guide to Nickel Plating, available on request from Inco,Saddle Brook, NJ 07662. Rinsing steps have not been included; in general, rinsing or double rinsing is beneficial after each conditioning step. Table VII. Summary of Conditioning Steps in the Preparation of Metals for Plating Alkaline clean At 6.5 to 10 A/dm2 Solution Coppy cyanide strike Conditioning Step Two Operation Deposit copper at 2.5 A/dm2 for 2 min; then at 1.3 A/dm2 for 6 min

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