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NiClipse The most ductile acid alloy ever. Perfect for post-plate fabrication. The ultimate chloride zinc nickel alloy. The u ultimate chloride zinc n nickel alloy. µ Delivers a highly ductile deposit that is perfect for post-plate fabrication requirements. µ Plates hardened steel, malleable and cast metals without a strike. µ Highly productive by plating with 95% efficiency of deposition versus the 45-50% typical in alkaline systems. µ Capable of plating controlled alloys for both 6-8% nickel requirements and 10-15% applications with simple adjustments. µ The system produces brighter deposits compared to alkaline systems, operates in a very wide temperature range of 90-130º F and can be run at very low nickel metal levels for valued savings. Innovation this dramatic rarely 1935 John Crosland Jr Dr. Innovation this dramatic rarely comes around. Charlotte, NC 28208 y comes around. Ph: 704-496-6800 Tf: 800-321-7735 Fx: 704-496-6810

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