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Table II. Budgetary Costs for Mechanical Plating Systems Working Volume Integrated Single-Barrel System with Centrifugal Dryer 0.17 m3 0.28 m3 (6 ft3 ) (10 ft3 (6 ft3 ) ) Dual-Plating Machine System with Automatic Chromating/Passivation and Dryer 0.17 m3 0.28 m3 0.56 m3 0.85 m3 1.13 m3 (10 ft3 (20 ft3 (30 ft3 (40 ft3 ) ) ) ) Cost $117,000 $133,000 $231,000 $266,000 $317,000 $367,000 $436,000 the load is discharged onto a vibrating surge hopper (4). At the screen or magnetic separator (5) section, water sprays wash the impact media from the parts and into a lower media sump (6). Media is later recycled to the overhead media reservoir (2) for reuse. The separated parts continue on to an optional automatic vibratory chromating/passivation section (7) and on to a belt, vibratory, or centrifugal dry- er (8). Budgetary costs for typical complete mechanical plating and galvanizing sys- tems are given in Table II. The range of floor space required for an equipment installation ranges from about 46 m2 (500 ft2 ) for the smaller systems to about 112 m2 (1,200 ft2 ). Ceiling minimum height requirement is about 5.5 m (18 ft). A floor pit for the lower media sump is usually required and ranges in depth from about 1 to 1.7 m (3.2-5.5 ft) and a width of about equal size. Fig. 4. One of the computer automation display screens showing cycle progress. 356

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