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ELECTROPLATING CHEMICALS SIMPLE, INNOVATIVE PLATING SYSTEMS THAT REQUIRE LITTLE OR NO LAB SUPPORT. At Aldoa we help customers quickly get the plate on the parts using a combination of published data, molecular behavior and most importantly, functional trial and error methods that maximize the life of plating baths. We also have lead the industry with environmentally friendly processes such as a non-cyanide zinc plating process and a zinc-nickel process that replaces cadmium plating. Other recent innovations are: Novalyte 404 an inexpensive acid zinc brightener with excellent performance; Aldokote TCB a trivalent black conversion coating to give uniform coating on zinc and zinc alloy deposits; Aldokote TCL a trivalent based clear conversion coating developed for subsequent dye absorption; silicate and non-silicate based top coats for chromated parts. Aldoa has supported the plating industry since 1957 with innovations and responsive service. Write, call, e-mail or fax your inquiry... ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION £ÓÇÓÇÊ7iÃÌÜ`ÊUÊ iÌÀÌ]Ê V}>Ê{nÓÓÎÊUÊΣήÊÓÇÎxÇäxÊUÊ "i\ÊÜÜÜ°>`>V°VÊUÊ >\ÊvJ>`>V°V 8ÊΣήÊÓÇÎäΣä Novalyte Additives Non-cyanide zinc, cadmium, copper and brass. Zinc alloys: acid & alkaline zinc nickel, acid & alkaline zinc cobalt, zinc iron and tin zinc. Aldolyte Brighteners Semi-bright and bright nickel, cyanide zinc and cadmium. Aldac Compounds Acid and alkaline cleaners, inhibitors and specialty products. Aldokote Coatings A complete line of conversion coatings, trivalent chrome, hexachrome and chrome-free. Aldophos Compounds Zinc, iron, manganese and calcium modified zinc phosphatizing processes. Aquation Treatment compounds for process and waste water. Custom Blending Custom blending services to your formulations are available.

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