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appendix DEFENSE & CIVILIAN SPECIFICATIONS* The following listing has been compiled from the latest available edition of the De- partment of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (DODISS), which in- cludes unclassified Federal and Military specifications, standards, and related doc- uments as well as non-government standards adopted for DOD use. Note: Only "ac- tive" files are included here. ALUMINUM & ALUMINUM ALLOYS AMS2477—Conversion Coating for Aluminum Alloys, Low Electrical Resis- tance ASTM-B136-84(2003)—Standard Method for Measurement of Stain Resis- tance of Anodic Coatings on Aluminum ASTM-B253-87(2005)e1—Standard Guide for Preparation of Aluminum Al- loys for Electroplating ASTM-B449-93(2004)—Standard Specification for Chromates on Aluminum ASTM-B921-02—Standard Specification for Non-hexavalent Chromium Con- version Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys ASTM-D1730-09—Standard Practices for Preparation of Aluminum and Alu- minum-Alloy Surfaces for Painting ASTM-D1731-09—Standard Practices for Preparation of Hot-Dip Aluminum Surfaces for Painting MIL-A-8625F(1)—Anodic Coatings for Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys MIL-DTL-512C NOT 1—Aluminum Powder, Flaked, Atomized MIL-DTL-5541F—Chemical Conversion Coatings on Aluminum/Alloys MIL-DTL-83488D—Aluminum Coating (High Purity) MIL-HDBK-341—Process for Coating Aluminum & Silicon Diffusion MIL-M-17999C NOT 1—Metal, Expanded, Aluminum BLACK OXIDE AMS2485J—Coating, Black Oxide MIL-DTL-13924D NOT-1 Black Oxide Coating for Ferrous Metals CARC COATINGS MIL-DTL-53039B—Aliphatic Polyurethane, Single Component, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating MIL-DTL-53072C—Application of CARC Coating; Quality Controls MIL-DTL-53084A—Primer, Cathodic Electrodeposition (CARC) MIL-DTL-64159— Water Dispersable Aliphatic Polyurethane, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating CHROMIUM AND CHROMIUM ALLOY PLATING AMS2438B—Chromium Plating: Thin, Hard, Dense Deposit ASTM B177-01(2006)e1—Standard Guide for Engineering Chromium Elec- troplating ASTM-B630-88(2006)—Standard Practice for Preparation of Chromium for Electroplating with Chromium ASTM-B650-95(2002)—Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Engi- 673

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