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Figure 4. Office furniture manufacturers in Japan have successfully used dense phase, robotics and color-on-demand technology for several years now. SUMMARY The benefits of dense phase powder coating equipment, when coupled with ro- botics, deliver advanced application and process technology. As a result, it pro- vides increased productivity, greater repeatability–and savings! Increased Productivity • Faster cycle times • Higher line speeds • Increased up-time and reduced downtime • Higher first pass yields Greater Repeatability • Reduced process variations with robotics • Reduced powder application variations with presets (part recipes) • Elimination of human interaction variables Savings • Higher first pass transfer efficiency—more powder on the part and less over-spray • Reduced compressed air usage with dense phase technology as compared to conventional venturi pumps • Decrease in required number of manual gun operators • Less rework and fewer rejects der coat effectively and change col- ors quickly using multiple dense phase guns on a single robot—and sometimes using multiple robots on the same booth. Additionally, dense phase technology is not limited to organic powders. It can also be used to pump and spray PE (porcelain enamel) powders. An appliance man- ufacturer in North America is cur- rently using dense phase guns on ro- bots to apply porcelain enamel pow- der to oven cavities. In the end, these manufacturers are a testimony to the superior process control of robotics and the unparalleled application con- trol of dense phase technology when married together. 106

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