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powder recovery systems must address: safe containment and separation of pow- der coating overspray. In a cartridge booth system, this is accomplished by fil- tration of powder from the containment air using a cartridge collector attached to the booth. There are no external filtration devices (or ductwork to connect them) with this system. The cartridge collector is usually located in the wall of the booth (side draft) or in the base of the booth (down draft). The powder-laden air flow enters the col- lector. The air passes through the cartridge filter and the powder is deposited on the filter surface. Periodically, cartridges are back-pulsed with compressed air to shock the powder from their surface and deposit it in the collector base. Pow- der in the base is pumped to a reclaim stand for reuse or to a container for dis- posal. The cartridge filter pack can be removed from the blower pack for color change. A separate cartridge pack is required for each recoverable color. Car- tridges are made of a paper filter media. The blower pack houses the blower fan and filter assembly. The blower is on the clean-air side of the cartridges. Air from this powder booth system is returned to the plant. The booth may have touch-up openings and/or gun slots depending upon the application for which it is used. The booth is typically of metal construction, though some manufacturers prefer plastic. This type of powder booth system is known for its compactness. Safety is another important benefit to this design. Since there are no "enclosed" devices the need for explosion venting is elimi- nated. 167

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