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Filter Systems Conventional filter systems are provided with approximately 50 micron filter me- dia to remove foreign debris that may enter the bath. An ultrafiltration system will be used to remove soluble salt and water carried into the bath from the cleaning process by the parts being coated. Ultrafiltration may also be used to recover paint solids from the postrinse so they may be returned to the bath. A virtually closed system exists when ultrafiltration is used to provide rinse water in the place of deionized water. This arrangement will aid con- siderably in the prevention of water pollution. SUMMARY Getting value from your finishing system involves a comprehensive review of your requirements and, as necessary, applying some or all of the many technologies available into your system design. Normally, one person or one company does not possess all resources to do this task. A good approach is to consult reputable sup- pliers and follow their recommendations. The best solution to your system design is one in which every selected supplier works as part of your team toward the com- mon goal of a successful system installation, start-up, and operation. 199

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