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showing good efficiency and a somewhat better,but still only fair, holding capaci- ty. The front surface loads quickly, which is also disadvantageous. Combination Baffle/Strainers Any time you combine the best tech- nologies from two different sources, the end product is one that's better than each component. So it only makes sense that the combination of the superior properties of baffle fil- ters and strainer filters produces a filter with the highest effectiveness possible. These high-capacity filters can range as high as 99.5% efficiency, depending on paint formulation. Water-Wash Booths Fig. 16. Vehicular downdraft spray booth. Water-wash spray booths (see Fig. 13) use a type of air washing action to trap paint particles. They are designed to continually break up paint accumulating on the surface of the tanks into minute, easier to handle solid particles of paint or a skim- ming system. Overspray laden air is first drawn into the exhaust chamber. The heavier paint particles are separated from the air and forced into a water curtain at the chamber front. The air then enters a washer where it passes in front of a manifold contain- ing numerous water-spray nozzles where it is washed a second time. In addition to passing these water nozzles, the air is forced to make numerous turns throughout its journey. Cen- trifugal force dis- cards water and sol- id particles at each turn. The deposit- ed water and solid particles to this point fall back into the water tank. Water-wash Fig. 17. Prep work stations. booths are ideally suited for heavier spray rates (over 20 gal/8-hr shift/10 ft of chamber width); all types of paints including primers, topcoats, enamels, epoxies, urethanes, and water re- ducibles; finishing operations that are conveyorized and where automatic coating equipment is used or large amounts of coating material are sprayed; and high-production applications. 214

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