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may go on the building roof, has a horizontal intake with a down blast dis- charge, and is curb mounted. The horizontal intake/horizontal discharge unit is an air replacement unit generally used indoors (see Fig. 20). The horizontal in- take allows the unit to be mounted through the side wall of a building. The unit has a horizontal discharge. The vertical intake/horizontal discharge unit is used indoors (see Fig. 21). The vertical intake allows for mounting through the roof of the building. It has a horizontal discharge. The floor-mounted vertical unit is an upblast furnace (see Fig. 22). All horizontal intake and floor-mounted verti- cal units are available in either inside or outside models. SUMMARY This has been a basic overview of spray booths. Hopefully, an appreciation for their complexity of application into a total finishing process has been conveyed. Too often, the finishing process is not designed; it evolves, and the purchase of any spray booth is considered as "all that is required." Finishing and refinishing expertise should always be sought early in the process when initiating a new system or up- grade to an existing system. 219

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