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Standard Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing with its 5variations and the ASTM G 87 Standard Conducting Moist SO2 Tests. The ASTM G 85 variations Annex 2, Annex 3, Annex 4, and Annex 5 along with ASTM G 87 were developed to subject test pieces to cycles of differing environments to more closely resemble the changes occurring in most real-world environments. See Table I for infor- mation on static versus cyclic tests With the wide variety of materials and coatings, their uses, and the environ- ments in which they may be used, manufacturers and product development per- sonnel now can select an accelerated corrosion test that best suits the particular product and conditions they are working with. Table I is provided to give a guide to which ASTM standard can be used for the situations listed. Along with the development of new accelerated corrosion tests ASTM Stan- dards have been developed to give direction and resources for the preparation of test pieces prior to testing and evaluation of test results. A good example is ASTM D 609 Standard Practice for Preparation of Cold-Rolled Steel Panels for Testing Paint Varnish, Conversion Coatings and Related Coating Products. This standard gives guidelines for the preparation of test pieces before they are in- 292

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