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Table I Solutions Group I Preparatory Solutions Electrocleaning Etching Desmutting Activating Group II Plating Solutions for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Cadmium (acid) Nickel (dense) Cadmium (alkaline) Nickel (alkaline) Cadmium (No Bake) and (LHE) Nickel (acid strike) Chromium (dense trivalent) Nickel (neutral for heavy build-up) Cobalt (for heavy build-up) Nickel (ductile, for corrosion protection) Copper (acid) Nickel (sulfamate, soft, low stress) Copper (alkaline) Nickel (sulfamate, moderate hardness) Copper (neutral) Nickel (sulfamate, hard, low stress) Copper (high-speed acid) Tin (alkaline) Copper (high-speed alkaline for heavy build-up) Zinc (alkaline) Iron Zinc (neutral) Zinc (bright) Group II Brush Plating Solutions For Precious Metals Gold (alkaline) Palladium Gold (neutral) Platinum Gold (acid) Rhenium Gold (non cyanide) Rhodium Gold (gel) Silver (soft) Indium Silver (hard) Silver (non-cyanide) 444

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