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Table II. Consumption Studies of Various Impacting Media Direct Pressure Dry Blasting System Average Consumption per Cycle (%) Blasting Material Target Material Hardness, Rockwell Glass beads (106-153 ��m) Al 2024 Al 2024 CRS CRS 75 B 75 B 30 C 30 C Al 2024 Al 2024 CRS CRS 75 B 75 B 30 C 30 C 6.0 Al 2024 Al 2024 CRS CRS 75 B 75 B 30 C 30 C 10.6 Al 2024 Al 2024 CRS CRS 75 B 75 B 30 C 30 C Aluminum oxide (180 grit) Soda-lime silicate ground glass (125 ��m and finer) Borosilicate ground glass (125 ��m and finer) 2.1 3.5 6.7 12.9 11.4 13.9 CRS = cold-rolled steel /16-in. I.D. nozzle; 1/8>-in. I.D. grit stem; 90o target angle; 6-in. target distance; 0.006 Npeening intensity; and 25 psi blasting pressure. 3 control is achieved by maintaining that arc height peening intensity. Any change indicates some modification in the system operation, away from optimum performance. System control via arc height peening intensity is applicable to all cleaning, finishing, peening, and deburring operations. In cleaning, Potter���s Metal Finishing Glass Beads are manufactured in the arc height technique can be multiple grades using only North America Cullet. From used to maintain process speed. In tightly controlled products certified to meet stringent finishing, profilometer measurespecifications like MIL PRF-9954 & AMS 2431/6, to general ments of root mean square (rms) purpose cleaning sizes, Potters offers the most choices in beads. Our cullet is tested for heavy metals to insure worker microinch finish can be correlated safety and to reduce health risks associated with to peening intensity, thereby elimimported beads with highlevels of arsenic and lead. inating any subjective evaluation of performance. In peening, the ��� Impart A Controlled, Clean Finish On A Variety of Metals ��� Clean Quickly Without Significant Metal Removal degree of compressive stress ��� Clean, Finish, Peen And DeBurr At Once induced is directly related to the ��� Can Be Recycled Many Times arc height peening intensity. By ��� Contains No Free Silica, Environmentally Safe such control, significant benefits ��� Meets Both Mil and AMS Specs for Heavy Metal Limits are achieved in terms of labor proCall or e-mail anytime: 1-800-55BEADS (1-800-552-3237) ductivity, reduced supervision Fax: 610-408-9723 requirements, and decline in the Email: number of rejected parts. As indicated in Table I, both steel Potters respects the environment by recycling over one billion pounds of glass each year. shot and glass beads are available for peening applications. Steel shot with its heavier density offers a 47

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