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eddy current systems available for about $6,000, the eddy current method provides a relatively inexpensive alternative for accurately determining coating thickness. Eddy current systems are easy to operate with menu-driven, prompting software, so even non-technical operators can make instantaneous, accurate and repeatable thickness measurements directly on the process line for improved throughput, quality control and fewer rejections. Many of the largest volume platers use eddy current systems at the end of the plating line for direct process control and incorporate X-Ray in the quality lab for final inspection. Using this combination of technologies ensures the most efficient method to achieve conformance to thickness specifications BIO Mike Justice, president of West Chester, Ohio���based UPA Technology, has 25 years experience in instrumentation and standards for the measurement of coatings. He earned his B.S. degree in Industrial Technology from Ohio State University. He can be reached at Never Get Stuck Again Expertise to ���x production and chemistry problems on your lines. U�� 7 >���� v���� ����V> ����w������ i������ L i �� ��i�� > ���� U�� ���� } ������> i��>����i ` ���� ����V ���� ��> ���� `>�������� ���� �� ������ ������ V>�� �� U�� i��>������V������`��V������������������>��`���������������������������� `i��i��`����}������������������������`��V��������������������i�� We offer a technical services lifeline to ���nishing experts. ����i������������i�� �������� ��i��������i������> `��V >����i } i������ ������ ��L i�� ������ �� �� i Li�������� �� ]�� ������ i Li������V> �� i` >��i ������V i`�� i��>���� `i �� V ���� �� }����i���� ���� �� ��i����i���������� 503

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