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soil from the cleaning solution. PROCESS ALTERNATIVES The method or combination of methods selected to clean parts is critical and will depend upon the type of final finish (plated, painted, anodized, etc.) and whether it is an in-process cleaning operation, or just a final cleaning. And, of course, the other paramount factor to be considered is the volume of work processed per hour. The cleaning methods given may be used independently or in conjunction with one another, as in a preplate cleaning cycle, where three to four modes of cleaning are used. Immersion (Rack or Barrel) Rack immersion may utilize air agitation or work agitation to improve or shorten the cleaning time. In barrel lines the movement of the barrel will provide the necessary agitation to flush cleaner solution through the parts. Power, Spray Cleaning Spray washers (spiral spray, belt washer, spray strip line, cabinet, and monorailtype washer) provide reduced cleaning time by utilizing impingement to clean parts that may not respond to conventional soak cleaning. Spray pressures may range from 14 to 200 psi, depending upon the type of machine used. Some continuous strip spray washers may also utilize rotating brushes along with the spray cleaning solution. Ultrasonic Cleaning Ultrasonic energy is utilized in conjunction with aqueous cleaners or hydrocar- 53

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