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neering Chromium Coatings on Ferrous Substrates ASTM-B921-02���Standard Specification for Non-hexavalent Chromium Conversion Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys MIL-C-20218F NOT 1���This specification covers porous, electrodeposited chromium plating applied to surfaces where a lubricating film must be sustained, such as cylinder bores. MIL-DTL-14538D NOT 1���Chromium Plating, Black (Electrodeposited). Generally applied to steels but may be used as a plating for other metals such as brass, copper, iron, and chromium. MIL-DTL-23422F���Chromium Plating (Electrodesposited) CLEANING & SURFACE PREPARATION AMS1377���Remover for Paint Epoxy and Polyurethane Paint System NonChlorinated Solvent AMS1375B���Remover for Paint, Epoxy and Polyurethane Paint Systems AMS1374A���Remover for Polyurethane/Epoxy Paint Alkaline, Hot-Tank Type AMS1385A���Compound, Hot Carbon and Paint Remover for Aircraft Turbine Engine Components AMS2480���Phosphate Treatment Paint Base AMSC27725���Coating, Corrosion Preventative for Aircraft Integral Fuel Tanks AMSC83231A���Coatings, Polyurethane, Rain Erosion Resistant for Exterior Aircraft and Missile Plastic Parts AMSC83445A���Coating System: Polyurethane, Nonyellowing, White, Rain Erosion Resistant, Thermally Reflective AMSR81903��� Acid Activated Remover for Amine-Cured Epoxy Coating Sys tems AMS1388A���Remover for Temporary Coating Alkaline Type, Water Base AMS1376B���Remover for Epoxy Paint Acid-Type, Thickened AMS3167���Solvents, Wipe for Cleaning Prior to Primer & Topcoat AS7109/4���NADCAP Requirements for Stripping of Coated Material AMSP38336���Primer Coating, Inorganic, Zinc Dust Pigmented, Self-Curing, for Steel Surfaces ASTM-A967-05el���Standard Specification for Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts ASTM-B322-99(2004)���Standard Guide for Cleaning Metals Prior to Plating ASTM-B851-04���Standard Specification for Automated Controlled Shot Peening of Metallic Articles Prior to Nickel, Autocatalytic Nickel, or Chromium Plating, or as Final Finish ASTM-D7055-04���Standard Practice for Preparation (by Abrasive Blast Cleaning) of Hot-Rolled Carbon Steel Panels to Test Coatings DOD-P-15328D(1) NOT 1���Primer, Pretreatment for Metal Surfaces MIL-B-23958A(1)���Metal Brightening for Aircraft (Brush, Cleaning) MIL-C-8514C(1)���Coating Compound Metal Pretreatment Resin Acid MIL-C-43616C(2)���Cleaning Compounds Aircraft Surface MIL-C-46487 NOT2���Cleaning & Preparation, Organic Coatings MIL-DTL-053022C���Primer, Epoxy Coating (Lead, Chromate Free) MIL-P-53022B���Primer: Epoxy Coating (Chromate free) 848

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