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General Metal Finishing Corrosion Protection High Performance Corrosion Protection for Fasteners Automotive brake systems require a variety of different fasteners for their assembly and mounting to the vehicle. $VH[WHULRUVDIHW\SDUWVWKHIDVWHQHUVQHHGWRH[KLELW high corrosion protection properties. As the sole supplier worldwide, Atotech is able to provide both electrolytic and zinc flake corrosion protection systems for highest requirements and specific needs. $WRWHFK UHFRPPHQGHGFRDWLQJV\VWHPV Type of coating Color Coating system Zinc Flakes silver Zintek�� 200, Zintek�� Top or Techseal�� Silver Zinc Flakes black Zintek�� 300 B, Techseal�� Black or Techdip Black Zinc Plating silver Zylite�� HT, EcoTri�� HC2, Sealer 300 WL 7 Zinc Plating black Zylite�� HT, Tridur�� Zn H2, Sealer 3500 WL ZnNi Plating silver Zinni AL 450, EcoTri�� HC2, Sealer 300 WL 7 ZnNi Plating black =LQQL$/8QL�� [1L/6HDOHU:/ Atotech North America Locations 1750 Overview Drive Rock Hill 6& 3KRQH 1180 Corporate Drive Burlington, Ontario &DQDGD//5 35840 Beattie Drive Sterling Heights 0,

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