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Current density minimum, 100% A/ft2 Temperature, 200��F This solution freezes below 130��F. Alcohol is recommended to reduce the freezing point. C. Faust Sulfuric acid, 15% Phosphoric acid, 63% Current density minimum, 50 A/ft2 Temperature, 80-175��F I. Clingan Phosphoric acid, 56% Sulfuric acid, 27% Diethyleneglycolmonobutylether, 7% Temperature, 125-165��F Weisberg and Levin Lactic acid, 33% Phosphoric acid, 40% Sulfuric acid, 13.5% Current density, 75-300 A/ft2 Temperature, 160-200��F C. Faust Phosphoric acid, 56% Chromic acid, 12% Current density, 100-1,000 A/ft2 Temperature, 80-175��F J. Kreml Sulfuric acid, 10-60% Glycolic acid, 20-80% Current density minimum, 150 A/ft2 Temperature, 175-212��F 94

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